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At Crystal Hearing Solutions, we understand the importance of technology in better hearing and tinnitus management. We also know that not every product is the best solution for every person. For this reason, we work with several manufacturers. Each of these manufacturers dedicate considerable time and money to research and development to regularly improve their products. Dr. Crystal learns about the new technology continuously to stay up to date on what is available to create the best treatment plan for your success.

Hearing Aid Manufacturers

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Oticon has been a world leader in hearing care and technology since 1904. Oticon's current hearing solutions are built on "BrainHearing" and are designed to support the brain's natural process of making sense of sound. Oticon's latest hearing technology, called the Oticon MORE, offers the world's first hearing aids with a Deep Neural Network (DNN) that results in better speech understanding with less effort and provides users with the ability to remember MORE. Annually Oticon honors their slogan to “Put People First” by awarding their "Focus on People Award" to individuals with hearing loss who have positively impacted their communities.


Phonak is a globally trusted distributor of hearing aids that has been committed to developing life changing hearing solutions for more than 70 years. They are well known for being a leader in the industry with their innovations with wireless and rechargeable products. Phonak's latest hearing  technology, the Phonak Paradise, excels in hearing performance offering crisp natural sound with all new hardware and elevated features. Phonak also funds a charity called Hear the World, which provides disadvantaged people with hearing loss the ability to hear again.


Widex is one of the industry's largest manufacturers and they have been developing hearing solutions since 1956.  Widex is committed to developing hearing aids that brings sounds to life with their signature sound "PURESOUND" - a sound like no other.  Widex's newest hearing technology, the Widex Moment, delivers a more pure and natural sound so users can hear every MOMENT like they used to.  Widex actively contributes to five United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and they are committed to protecting our planet with all their hearing aids being manufactured in a facility that has been powered by wind and solar since 2010.


Unitron is an award-winning manufacturer of hearing aids. They have a unique design approach that focuses on simplicity and appeals to many hearing aid shoppers. With this mindset they’ve been able to create the world’s smallest hearing aid, among other products.


Signia is a world-leader in hearing aid technology. They’ve developed and perfected countless hearing aids that have been clinically proven to work better than natural hearing. They operate in over 120 countries worldwide and provide millions of people with custom-fit hearing devices.

Siemens is one of the most well-known hearing aid brands under the Signia umbrella. Siemens has been a trusted name in audiology for over a century. With the resources of Signia behind them, they’re able to offer a wider selection of products and styles, while continuing to innovate hearing technology through their superior understanding of hearing loss.


Resound’s hearing aid styles for adults and children are some of the most varied on the market, including models that are among the smallest and most powerful available. In addition, the company offers sophisticated digital technology to meet the specific needs of military veterans and others with special hearing needs.


Starkey is the industry's leading USA based hearing aid manufacturer and for over 50 years they have been dedicated to delivering the best hearing experience possible with their product innovations. The company recognizes what a life changing event hearing well again can be — not only for those with hearing loss, but for their families as well. Starkey has a wide variety of hearing aid styles and hearing device technology, so every patient can be fitted to meet their needs.

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